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Non Return Valve
Brand: Watertight

Product Code: PSLNRV



 Drainage Non-Return Valve 

Backflow flooding can happen to any property, even if the area is not threatened by floods. Sewers become blocked and waste water is forced up into your bathroom, kitchen or lavatory.

Watertight’s internal Non-Return Valve is an affordable way to banish this threat forever. It is simply pushed into the open end of the drainage pipe, saving hundreds of pounds when compared with the cost of installing a conventional non-return valve.

Non-Return Valve (NRV) showing the one-way aperture       Non-Return Valve (NRV) installed in a drain showing waterflow through one way aperture open, &, closed NRV



Why choose Watertight’s Non-Return Valve?

  • Protects Against
• Backflow flooding due to floods or sewer blockages
• Vermin entering the property via the drains
• Noxious fumes from the sewer system
  • Simple
The valve pushes directly into the end of the outlet pipe where it opens into the inspection chamber. It works exactly like conventional valves, allowing water to pass out through it but shutting swiftly and firmly when the flow reverses thanks to our unique wrap around seal.

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